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George Risk Industries' products are made in the USA. Many GRI switches are available closed loop, open loop, SPDT, DPDT. Standard gap, wide gap and extra wide gap along with built in end of line resistors. See spec sheets for details and part numbers.

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Commercial and Industrial Switch Sets

  • Industrial Surface Mount Switch Set: 400/410 and 410P Series  GO
  • Industrial Wide Gap Switch Set: 4400 Series  GO
  • Industrial Track Mount Switch Set: 4700-A Series  GO
  • Latch Type Overhead Door Surface Mount Switch Set: 4110 Series  GO
  • Miniature Aluminum Commercial Switch Set: 4460 Series  GO
  • Track and Gate Mounting Kits  GO

High Security Switch Sets

  • Biased for High Security Switch Sets  GO
  • Magnasphere Technology Switch Set  GO

Home and Commercial Electronic Devices

  • Low Voltage Switching Device: LVSD, LEDSD GO
  • Current Controller: Automatic AC Voltage Switching System, CC-01 GO
  • Current Controller: Automatic DC Voltage Switching System, CC15 GO
  • Door Alert Annunciator with Remote Sounders: DA Series  GO
  • Door Monitor: 290 Series  GO
  • Garage Door Monitor: DM-1  GO
  • Power Transfer Device with Custom Lengths: BA-251  GO
  • Programmable Relay Module: PRM-1  GO
  • Timed Electronic Shunt; SB-2000 Series  GO

Liquid Detection Sensors

  • 12 Volt DC Water Sensor: Closed and Open Loop, 2600 Series  GO
  • 12 Volt DC Under Carpet Water Sensor: Closed and Open Loop, 2600T/2500s  GO
  • 5 Volt DC Water Sensor: Closed and Open Loop, 2605 and 2505  GO
  • 24 Volt DC Water Sensor: Closed and Open Loop, 2624/2524  GO
  • 24 Volt AC Water Sensor: SPDT, 2650 GO
  • 5 Volt DC Water Sensor: Open Loop, 2800  GO
  • Absence Of Water Sensor: 2808 Self Powered, 2800812V External Power  GO
  • Home Water Leak Alarm System: WS-20 GO
  • Liquid Level Sensor for Use with Wireless Transmitters: 2826 and 2826FS  GO
  • Water Moccasin: 10’ Mesh Strip with extension options: WM2600-10  GO
  • Water Valve Shutoff: WVs  GO

Low Voltage Raceways

  • E-Z Duct Raceway and Connectors: 3/8" x 3/8" mini, 5/8" x 1/2", 5/8" x 1 1/4"  GO
  • E-Z Duct Raceway Quarter Round and Connectors: 1"  GO


  • Alnico V Bare Magnets GO
  • Magnets in Cases  GO
  • Rare Earth Mighty Magnets  GO
  • Steel Door Channel Magnet: MC-180  GO
  • Switch and Corresponding Magnet GO
  • Window Channel Magnet: MC-25  GO

Overhead Door Magnetic Switch Sets

  • Concealed Concrete Switch Set: 4510/4510AU Series  GO
  • Industrial Extended Gap Overhead Door Switch Set: 200WG/250WG Series  GO
  • Industrial Overhead Door Switch Set: 200 Series  GO
  • Industrial Track Mount Switch Set: 4700-A Series  GO
  • Mini Curtain Door Switch Set: 4612 Series  GO
  • Miniature Overhead Door Switch Set: 4532/4532L Series  GO

Pool Alarms

  • Child Resistant Pool Alarms: ETL Listed - 289CP Series  GO
  • DPARM: Closed Loop Pool Alarm, Battery Power and/or External Power Sources  GO
  • ETL Listed Pool Alarms Closed Loop: 289 Series  GO
  • ETL Listed Pool Alarms Open Loop: 189 Series  GO
  • Gate Mount Pool Alarms: GT10 Series  GO
  • Non-ETL Pool Alarm Closed Loop: 289N Series  GO
  • Non-ETL Pool Alarms Open Loop: 189N Series  GO
  • Pool Alarm Kits: Closed Loop, 289-4/DPA-10R  GO
  • Pool Alarm Remote Sounders, Buttons and Power Supplies  GO
  • UL Listed Pool Alarms: Closed Loop, DPA Series  GO

Pull Apart Magnetic Switch Sets

  • Armored Cable Extensions with Connectors   GO
  • Surface Mount Pull Apart Switch Set: 4704 Series  GO

Recessed Magnetic Contacts

  • 1/4" Super Mini Switch Set: 50RS-12 Series  GO
  • 1/4" Switch Set: 50R-12/50RF-12 Series  GO
  • 3/8" Short Press Fit Switch Set: 20RS-12/20RS-T Series  GO
  • 3/8" Press Fit Switch Set: 2020-12/2020-T Series  GO
  • 3/8" Flanged Switch Set: 20F-12/20OF-12 Series  GO
  • 3/8" Ribbed Switch Set: 2120-12 Series  GO
  • 3/8" Wide Gap Switch Set: 5065 Series  GO
  • 3/8" Press Fit with Flat Magnet Switch Set: 5088/5088-T Series  GO
  • 1/2" Short Switch Set: 150RS-12/150RS-T Series  GO
  • 1/2" Switch Set: 150-12/150-T Series  GO
  • 3/4" Switch with 3/8" magnet Switch Set: 120T-12/4473 Series  GO
  • 3/4" and 1" Stubby Steel Door Switch Set: 180RS-12/8080RS-T Series  GO
  • 3/4" and 1" Steel Door Switch Set: 180-12/8080-T Series  GO
  • 3/4" and 1" Steel Door with Channel Magnet: 180MC-12/8080-TMC Series  GO
  • Rare Earth Mighty Magnet Series Switch Set  GO
  • Window Channel Magnet Series Switch Set  GO


  • Magnetic Contacts with Built-in Resistors and Resistor Packs (wire lead and screw terminal)  GO

Roller/Plunger/Tamper Switches

  • 3/8" Tamper Switch: TS-20/TSC-20 Series  GO
  • 3/8" Plunger: PB-2020/PBF-2020 and PB-2020-T/PBF-2020-T Series  GO
  • 9/16" and 3/4" Push Button Plunger: PB-100/PB-100T and PBF-100/PBF-100T Series  GO
  • 3/4" Short Roller Ball: DS-01/DS-01T Series  GO
  • 3/4" Roller Ball: RB-01 Series  GO
  • Box Tamper with Shunt Option: TS-01/TSW-01 Series  GO

Special Purpose

  • ANSI Recessed Switch Set: 229 Series  GO
  • Call Button/Panic Switch: CB Series  GO
  • Concealed Contact Hinged Door Positioning Switch: DPS70R  GO
  • Current Sensor Series: CS-1, CS Series Switch Set View GO
  • Dual Function Reed Switch Set: AA/AC Series  GO
  • Engraved Wall Plates / Remote Station Plates  GO
  • Glass Guard: On The Glass Shock Sensor: GB-550, GB-551 GO
  • Hold Up Switch: HD-1  GO
  • HVAC Kit (Copper Theft)  GO
  • HVACO Kit: Omni Directional  GO
  • Junction Boxes  GO
  • Nurse Call System: NC-20, NC-21  GO
  • Power Supplies:  GO
  • Power Transfer Device: PTD-1  GO
  • Power Transfer Device with Custom Lengths: BA-251  GO
  • Quick Disconnect Cord: QDC-20  GO
  • Remote Station Plates   GO
  • Service Repair Connector: SRC-12  GO
  • Shockgard: Shock Sensor SG-1  GO
  • Tilt Sensor: 4561  GO
  • Tilt Sensor Omni Directional  GO
  • Tilt Sensor RoHS Compliant: 4561R  GO
  • Touch Sensor: CT3 Series  GO
  • Venting Switch Set; VS Series   GO
  • Window Bar Alarmed: WB-30-42  GO
  • Wire Trip Switch: WT-01  GO

Surface Mount Magnetic Contacts

  • 1/4" Miniature Surface Mount Switch Set: 50-12/50F-12/55F-12 Series  GO
  • Capped Miniature Surface Mount Switch Set: 700CL-12/700EL-12/700-T Series  GO
  • Micro Surface Mount Switch Set: 500/502 Series  GO
  • Miniature Surface Mount Switch Set: 110-12/110-T, 100-12/100-T Series  GO
  • Miniature Surface Mount Switch Set: 129 Series  GO
  • Super Miniature Brad Switch Set: 505 Series  GO
  • Surface Mount Switch Set: 1100 Series  GO
  • Surface Mount Switch Set: 28/29 and 29P Series  GO

Temperature and Humidity Variation Sensors

  • Humidity Sensor Programmable: H8800 On Board, H8800R Remote  GO
  • Temperature Sensor Programmable: T8800 On Board, T8800R Remote  GO
  • Temperature Sensors Fixed: 32F, 41F, 50F, 70F and 140F  GO

Additional Accessories

  • Armored Cable  GO
  • Armored Cable Extensions with Connectors  GO
  • Brackets  GO
  • Dummy Plugs  GO
  • Empty Cases  GO
  • Plugs, Bushings, Wire Run Plugs, Tape  GO
  • Pre-Wire Plugs  GO
  • Recessed Adapters  GO
  • Switch and Magnet Covers  GO
  • Switch and Magnet Spacers GO
  • Track and Gate Mounting Kits  GO

GRI lifetime warranty

GRI Lifetime Warranty

GRI's standard switches are made in the USA and come with a lifetime warranty against faulty workmanship, material and factory defects.

Our replacement policy is "Two For One" prior to installation. After installation, if the switch fails due to material defect or factory workmanship, we will issue a $10 credit when the switch is returned to the factory with the case intact for examination and determination of cause.

Replacement or the $10.00 credit does not cover failure due to physical abuse or contact freezing resulting from application of high voltage, lightning, transient surges or capacitor discharge through the contact.

We are proud of our products and are happy to answer any questions you may have. Contact Us

custom manufacturing

Custom Manufacturing and Imprinting Are Available

GRI offers custom manufacturing for situations where a standard product does not meet your needs. Switches with resistors and/or diodes built in and stand alone resistor packs, extra length leads, etc. can all be built to your specifications.

Private logos can be foil and heat stamped on products in white, gold, red, blue or green.

Please contact us online or call us at (800) 445-5218.

GRI References

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industrial track mount switchIndustrial Track Mount Switch Sets

4700-A Series

  • Reversible probe assembly
  • Left or right installation
  • Reversible cable exit
  • 3 ft. armored cable standard
  • Multi position adjustable magnet bracket
  • Closed loop or SPDT
  • Hinge design for tighter clamping to track
  • Up to 3” gap
  • Fits channels from 1.75” up to 4”
  • Self drilling screws included for easy installation
  • Contacts are on the channel and not where they can get damaged on the floor
  • No special tools required for installation

Learn More

4700AThe 4700 Series features contacts on the channel rather than on the floor where they can easily be damaged. This series is designed for commerical/industrial use.

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